About Us

We at MMNC pride ourselves in skills, knowledge and experience we have accumulated over many years in the mining industry. MMNC has established itself over the past 2 years in Kathu as a reliable mining supply and engineering company.image14

Being a local company we offer the following:

  1. Local support
  2. Seasoned consultants
  3. Technical expertise
  4. Compliance to SANS, DIN and ISO standards
  5. Onsite services
  6. Stock holdings
  7. Level 2 BEE contributor
  8. 51% Black woman owned

MMNC Supply range:

We offer leading brands of which we are the sole agents in the area for a selected few. With these selected brands we bring the OEM standards, expertise and support locally.

MMNC Engineering:

We are a partner for new and existing projects, with customized or made to order solutions.

MMNC Quality Assurance:

The quality assurance program currently in place is based upon compliance to ISO 9001.

MMNC Customer Satisfaction:

We are aware of our clients’ needs and expectations, this enables us to Design, Develop, Build and Deliver customer satisfaction.

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